Creating a Stampede to Your Booth

The fall conference season is upon us and I am always amazed at how many companies skip a key step in creating a buzz at a trade show.

Seldom do I get a pre-conference mailing where I say to myself, “Wow, I want to make sure and stop at that booth.” It just doesn’t happen. While many conference organizers worry about what kind of candy to have in the welcome bowl, very little energy seems to go into added value handouts. So ask yourself—can you create a piece of thought leadership that a conference attendee would really like to have?

An interesting, well-produced booklet would be great but isn’t necessary. Some of the best items are small and simple. Years ago I picked up a “Top 10 Things Not To Ask When Hiring a New Employee.” It was a laminated, single sheet (well branded) and sits in my top left drawer. I have referred to it and lent it to others many times.


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