Explosive Growth of MIDs

In all fairness, I did not know how to exactly define a MID but since the term is all over e-marketing Web sites, I hunted down the definition.

Smartphones, netbooks, portable MP3 players, gaming devices, e-book readers and portable navigation devices are all examples of MIDs. (And to be totally technical, iSuppli defines MIDs as devices that include integrated connectivity for wireless LANS and 3G-or-better wireless WANs; have displays that measure no more than 8 inches diagonally; feature instant-on and always-connectible capabilities and offer a typical day’s worth of battery life.)  We all know intuitively these devices are popping up everywhere and used by all ages. But it is still sobering to see that according to iSuppli, 53.8 million were shipped in 2007 and they expect 416 million units to ship in 2012. Smartphones still dominate but e-book readers are expected to grow exponentially.

So now more than ever, it is time to figure out a mobile application for your firm’s Web content.

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