Strategies for Gathering Design Feedback

You’ve invested time and energy into revamping the content and design of a marketing piece. Now you need the buy-in to bring it to life. What tactics can you use to ensure a successful design presentation? 

We recommend setting the stage by explaining that we all have different aesthetics that appeal to us. Some like blue. Some hate blue. Some people think New Yorker cartoons are intellectually witty. Others find them juvenile. Explain that the goal is not to tap into what you personally like or dislike, but rather the type of messaging that comes through with each design.

The questions below can help guide the discussion:

Setting this tone at the start of a meeting keeps the conversation focused on the most important aspects—how the design will differentiate you from competitors and reinforce your brand in the mind of your target audience. It takes the discussion from like or dislike to which design does the best job. 


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