How Do You Say Your Name Again?

In elementary school I had a teacher named Mr. Arapostathis. Parents and students alike blundered this Greek tongue twister so much that we eventually all gave up and called him “Mr. A.” Luckily, he was easygoing. While this worked fine in my third grade classroom, it is less acceptable and often embarrassing to mispronounce names professionally. came up with a clever way to avoid this confusion. The website allows you to create an audio recording of your name’s proper pronunciation. The recording is then linked to an icon which you can add to the signature at the bottom of your emails, next to your name on the bio page of your website, or even on your social media profile.

This tool is especially helpful if you have a lengthy name or unique spelling, and can be used for tricky company names as well. Audioname was mentioned by the ABA Journal as one of the top websites that lawyers love.

Nothing is worse than trying to avoid uttering a name for fear of butchering it. This gives clients and colleagues a sense of ease in knowing they can skip the embarrassment the next time they mention you, shake your hand or dial your number. Are you listening, Mr. A?

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