Is your firm’s brand agile enough for today’s changing world?

Brand agility means more than just reacting quickly to a specific change. It is knowing and accepting that your brand should always be adapting. That your brand is a dynamic asset that doesn’t stop at launch.

Marketers live in a world of constant change, from the competitive landscape to developing media platforms to evolving social attitudes to even the way we work. It is critical not only to keep up but also to be proactive.

Today's agile marketers are adapting to changes in the buyer journey, including:

1. Presentation upgrades

Right now, you’re likely not going to have the opportunity to connect with audiences in person. Without that face-to-face connection, it’s tough to build chemistry and even tougher to grab and hold attention. So you’ll need to rely more heavily on your materials.

2. New ways to connect

We've all seen events cancelled or moved online. Board meetings and even court proceedings (hello, “I’m here live. I’m not a cat.”) have had to pivot to video conferencing. To give you a sense of the changing landscape, a May 2020 Harris poll showed that 50% of US adults had increased their social media use since the outbreak began. ALM Intelligence's Legal Compass reported that 6% of events in 2019 were virtual; in 2020, the number jumped to 47%. Is your firm keeping up?

3. Tailored communications

The personal touch is critical right now. Clients appreciate the extra effort and TLC, which will go a long way toward growing brand loyalty.

4. Maximizing digital

Limited face-to-face opportunities make digital marketing more important than ever. McKinsey’s recent analysis shows the difference between sales interaction before and during COVID-19 — with the majority citing traditional face-to-face interaction as more important before the pandemic and digital-enabled sales interactions as more important during it.

To create an agile brand, you should review your buyer's journey often to see what touchpoints have changed. Increases in working-from-home orders and social distancing have already altered the journey substantially. Consider whether you need to reallocate resources to meet changes in the landscape.

The battle for engagement continues to intensify, and only a strong, agile brand can cut through the chaos. If your firm hasn't changed its marketing mix for a while, this moment — when everyone is anticipating change and disruption — marks an exceptional opportunity to think creatively. You may find that your audience is more receptive than ever to connecting in new ways.


By: Jeorjina Tegel
Date: Feb 23 2021
Adapted From: July 21, 2020 LMA presentation by Charlyne Fabi and Jeorjina Tegel

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