It's a wrap

2020 is in the rearview mirror. Thank goodness, but we wanted to take a look at our most viewed articles for the year. Enjoy. And Happy New Year!

1. Breaking down brand research

How do you know what clients want from your new brand? Just ask them. Times, to put it mildly, have changed. You and your clients are working differently, communicating differently. Buyers are looking for brands that are in tune with the new challenges they face. Get into your clients’ mindset.

2. Does your brand fail at the execution level?

It takes more than a few internal memos to launch a dynamic brand. Ramp up your plans. 

3. Three factors that impact your website design more than you realize

Make sure design and reality aren’t apples to oranges. Weigh these factors.

4. Advertising during a pandemic

Now is the time to double down on marketing. And one of the best ways to reach target markets is by highly targeted advertising. Make sure and be focused.

5. Lead virtual meetings like a boss

Virtual meetings have quickly become the currency of business collaboration. Consider these tried-and-true tips. 

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