Leading by Example

As brand experts, we always cite the mantra, “Live the Brand.” I had an opportunity to see a company, DaVita, which takes this mantra so totally to heart it is awe-inspiring.

DaVita cares for people with kidney problems and much more. My family is very much a part of the healthcare community, so I know their stellar reputation. They run dialysis centers around the world, and they run them with soul. Named one of Fortune’s Most Admired Healthcare Companies, DaVita ranks #3 overall and #1 in innovation and quality of products in the Health Care Medical Facilities category.

Yesterday, I got a glimpse of the culture that drives the DaVita experience by visiting their Denver headquarters; compliments of our commercial real estate client, CRESA. Thank you Phillip Infelise and Karen Galvin for the opportunity.

DaVita’s leadership teaches us to embed the firm’s mission and values everywhere, and not to make it boring. They channel the Three Musketeers and their mantra, “One for all and All for One,” to capture what they believe.


Take notice of how their values are not inwardly focused, but are about how DaVita fits into our community at the highest level:

DaVita’s work is serious and life saving, but they inject joy into the workplace. Everyone responsible for leading a company or managing a brand would do well to study DaVita’s approach and track record.

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