Moving to a Digital Water Cooler

The 2008 LexisNexis® Technology Gap Survey is a must read for anyone wanting to understand the shifts in how white collar professionals of different ages view technology in the workplace.

The web based survey included 700 legal and white collar professionals—Gen Y (workers under 28), Gen X (aged 29-43) and Boomers (aged 44–60). Some findings confirmed what we already know—88% surveyed feel technology such as PDAs, laptops, etc. make us more productive. But the truly interesting reading is to see the gap of what each generation doesn’t use.

One particularly potent example is behavior around social networking sites. In a typical day, 86% of Baby Boomers never visit a social networking site such as Facebook. 61% of Gen Xs also never visit but only 38% of Gen Xs stay away from social networking sites. So when you look a the typical recruiting committees at law firms and the average age of the members, you can understand some of the hesitancy about moving away from the print brochure.

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