Powerful Brand Protection: A Style Guide

In-house marketers at large law firms often find themselves struggling to keep their firm’s visual identity consistent.

While a vast geographic and practice footprint can provide a client with a full-service experience, having such a broad reach also means more attorneys with a wide-range of needs and therefore, more creative opinions to appease.

Savvy marketers know that a brand is most powerful when its visual identity is consistent. The objective is to have a prospect recognize a visual connection between the firm’s different collateral pieces. This ultimately helps drive the firm name into long-term memory.

So how do you protect your brand from a slow death by the hands of many? One tip—have a style guide in place that firm management has endorsed.  By codifying the firm’s brand, marketing materials will be consistent regardless of which office or practice area produces them. And studies have shown that consistent marketing materials not only reinforce the brand but also send an underlying message that the firm pays careful attention to quality.

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