Social Networking Roulette

Drawing the line between our professional and private lives has never been easy and social media just complicates matters.

Should someone’s personal Facebook page be of concern to their employer? Does your firm or company need to be on LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook and Twitter? What kind of social networking policy should a company have? There are countless questions about what role social networking plays in company branding. As I write this, some company’s reputation is being impacted through one of the some 200 Tweets that happen every second at peak times.

So what is a company or law firm to do about social networking? For starters recognize that it needs to be part of your marketing and operations plan. According to a recent Deloitte study only 30% of companies have social networking as part of their business and operations strategy. Yet 74% of those same employees feel that social networking can damage a company’s reptuation. Companies and professional service firms need to sit down and really embrace social networking as a tool that is here to stay. The sooner they take this step, the sooner they will stop playing social networking roulette with their brand.

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