Top 6 professional services marketing projects for 2022

According to Gartner’s “The State of Marketing Budgets 2021” report, CMOs are prioritizing marketing efforts on high-value, strategic capabilities such as brand strategy, innovation, and technology.

One thing we’ve learned from the pandemic is that nothing is certain. We can no longer rely on conferences, client events, or in-person meetings and presentations to get in front of target audiences. As marketers, we need to be nimble and adaptive while still focusing on strategies that move the needle. Investments in digital marketing are on the rise to maintain a competitive edge. Our recent Top of Mind Survey has confirmed that the pandemic has changed the way professional services are bought (stay tuned for survey results!). 

Here are six primary areas where professional services marketers are investing for the future: 

  1. Brand Audits. When was the last time you researched how your business is performing in the eyes of your clients and within your competitive landscape? Many firms are finding their messaging is no longer relevant or distinct enough to stand out in a crowded marketplace. A brand audit can help you refine your positioning and align your messaging with the expectations of your clients.

  2. Digital Practice Brochures. An interactive brochure combines the responsiveness of a website with the curated feel of a publication to present an innovative digital experience that engages and delights. Here’s an example of a Digital Practice Brochure we created with Baker & Hostetler LLP. This is the type of marketing investment that can help your firm make a lasting impression on prospective clients.

  3. DEI, ESG, and CSR Materials. Are clients paying attention to your firm’s corporate governance policies? Absolutely! Our recent Top of Mind Survey shows that the types of information buyers seek are shifting with changes in global consciousness to more emphasis on how a firm treats its people, the larger community, and the environment. Buyers are expressing an increased desire for information in proposals and websites about a firm’s philosophy and values, DEI efforts, approach to technology and digital transformation, ESG initiatives, and sustainability programs.  

  4. Website Refreshes. By now you’ve probably heard that the average “shelf life” of a website is two to three years. With technology moving so quickly, many clients are planning refreshes next year to address speed and usability issues, reflect updated branding, or simply revitalize a dated-looking design. 

  5. Practice and Special Initiative Campaigns. From recruiting to special initiatives, geographic locations, and complex practices, professional services firms are increasingly looking for new strategies to attract and engage specific audiences. Whether it’s a minisite, focused business development collateral, video, digital advertising, or a combination of activities, specialized campaigns with measurable goals are a priority for many firms in 2022.  

  6. Content Development and Design. We continually hear from our in-house marketing counterparts that resources are strained, especially as it relates to content writing and design. Throughout the course of the pandemic, we strengthened our partnerships by offering ongoing content development and design services to our long-standing clients. Our writers and designers are available to support your in-house marketing team with on-demand requests or longer-term projects, such as major rewrites to bios and practice/industry descriptions. 

With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the time to make sure your firm’s 2022 budget includes your high-priority strategic marketing investments. We’re excited to share our recent survey data to help substantiate what buyers of legal services are now looking for in a firm like yours, and what could happen if they don’t find it.

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