What Is Your Superpower?

Finding your company’s superpower is easier than you might think. It lies at the intersection of just three things.

First, identify what you are truly great at.

These are the abilities that keep clients or customers coming to you time and time again. And they are often the reason you get hired in the first place. Think about the last time a client thanked you. What specifically was it for? Did you solve a problem in an innovative way? Get a result that exceeded expectations? Also consider why employees choose to work for you, and how you would explain the company to a new recruit. Identifying your superpower is the first step to strengthening it.

Next, think about what your target audience needs most.

Take a walk in their shoes. Consider their biggest stressors, pressing goals and milestones they are trying to reach. Scoping out social media feeds or company news pages can provide insights. Industry publications can help you find trends and pain points. Thinking through what makes the biggest difference for your buyers can help you lead with the most compelling points.

Finally, consider what competitors are known for.

Consider why someone might choose your competitor over you. Check out the messaging on competitors’ websites and get your hands on their marketing materials. What do they claim their superpowers are? And how well are they able to prove their claims? Sometimes you may be able to outshine competitors in a certain area. But often the best strategy is to carve out a unique space to serve a customer need. Understanding the gaps in the market opens up new ways to reach your ideal customer.

You can start looking for your superpower with information that’s readily available. For a deeper dive, consider a brand discovery project, including client interviews, competitor reviews, collateral audits, market analyses and focus groups. Once you know your superpower, you can shape focused, memorable communications strategies that hit home with your audience. So start asking questions—and get ready to put on your cape!


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