Where Does Google+ Fit In?

The Google+ social networking project, at just over a month old, has grown faster than either Facebook or Twitter with over 25 million members. And unlike Google’s prior attempt at social networking with the Wave, the early reviews are generally positive.

So where does Google+ fit in for the business to business marketer? On first blush what intrigues me the most is what they call “Circles.” Circles is a feature that allows you to share information with a group that you define. Nobody knows what circles they are in so people can’t unsubscribe. It is a more subtle version of Facebook Groups and has a privacy aspect that I personally prefer and if handled correctly could be quite powerful.

But the real power in Google+ may simply come from the fact that it could allow for an easier integration of your work and personal lives on one platform. Whereas many of us think of Facebook for keeping up with friends and family and LinkedIn for work, Google+ has the technical flexibility and undefined brand position to be both. But can they attract the users fast enough? And will users stick with it? Only time will tell.

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