Why the iPad Matters!

Ok. Yes, the iPad looks really cool from what I can see watching the online video at Apple. But it is cool not just because of the slim size and what it can do. It is exciting because it will change the rules of engagement.

As Steve Jobs made clear, the iPad was built to be equally good in either portrait or landscape mode. This may not sound exciting but it is a big deal. As Tech Crunch points out, “On the iPad, there are elements such as a left hand pane that is visible in the Mail app only when the device is horizontal. Turn it vertical, and it only shows the message area, and there are new overlays that you activate to navigate in this view.” So what does that mean in plain English. Apple has once again turned over (no pun intended) the apple cart of User Interface. And this will have a ripple effect in both mobile device design and Web design since we won’t just be looking at the Web on our 15-inch laptop. This will change where we place the most important thought leadership that a law firm is promoting and will cause us to once again rethink navigation.

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