Why branding matters

A well-developed brand strategy is essential for your organization, especially when embarking on a website redesign. 

Your brand position demonstrates what you offer the market and outlines your differentiators. Branding is the foundation of your organization’s identity. It establishes the tone for your website and the key messages you need to successfully communicate.

Before we begin to extend a client’s brand to digital, Right Hat creates these critical tools:

Brand headline
A brand headline is an umbrella statement introducing your organization to the marketplace. It’s a promise of your overall value and focuses either on the entire brand experience or a benefit of engaging with your organization. Brand headlines should be short and sweet while also leaving your audience eager to learn more about your organization.

Brand vision
Once you’ve established your brand headline, you’ll want to expand upon that idea to create a brand vision. Your brand vision should be a two- to three-sentence statement capturing the value proposition that you want your audience to absorb. The more these sentences tie into the values that are most important to your various audiences, the better the traction will be.

Key messages
Finally, you’ll need to develop a list of key messages, but you need to make sure they’re messages your buyers actually care about. Your key messages should be distributed throughout your brand positioning guidelines and demonstrate what differentiates your organization. Less is more when it comes to key messages, and you’re more likely to make an impression if you can express them visually.

These three pieces together are the core of your brand positioning guidelines. You must have an established brand position prior to entering a website redesign —even the most beautifully designed websites aren’t impactful unless they’re supported by a strong brand strategy.

If you’d like to talk more about how to amplify the brand of your organization, schedule a meeting today with Dawn Michalak, Director of Business Development.

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