Design with purpose

When your goals, your market and your organization change, your brand should, too. A strategic rebrand can change market perceptions and create new energy around your brand. Meet the moment — and position yourself for your next phase of growth.

When you want to be seen as forward-looking and proactive (and who doesn’t?), the last thing you need is a dated brand. A refresh lets you keep your positioning and content strategy but update your appearance. We’ll help you improve ADA compliance, incorporate new functionality, or just create some buzz with a fresh look and feel.

Brands aren’t always firmwide. Sometimes a special service area or innovative initiative needs its own bells and whistles. When you put your resources toward creating something new, we’re there to help you tell the world about it — with logos, naming, advertising, bespoke reports and other campaign tools.

Too often, branding and messaging strategies break down in the sales process, when groups and individuals “go rogue” instead of sticking with a consistent playbook. To help you coordinate efforts and avoid brand dilution, we create templates, placemats and digital tools that are cohesive yet flexible.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Pro bono work. Corporate Social Responsibility. For buyers and hires, interest in these areas is measurable and growing. Drawing on research into what audiences most want to know, we help you combine personal experience with objective data to set your story apart.