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Amplifying a brand through storytelling

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Research, Style Guide, Website

Sometimes a brand needs to be refreshed, not replaced. That was the case with Southeast regional law firm Williams Mullen. The firm initially asked us to advise on brand strategy, specifically, whether or not to keep its existing tagline, “Finding Yes.” Our research among firm stakeholders and clients convinced us to that “Finding Yes” was resonant and relevant — it just needed to be more powerfully deployed. Enter a new website that made Finding Yes the centerpiece of its homepage. We also recommended creating a portfolio of client stories to demonstrate how the firm has found yes for clients and new hires — an asset that can be used on the website as well as other platforms. New brand style and content guidelines will help Williams Mullen keep its message staring and consistent in its next iteration.

We are grateful for Right Hat’s guidance. Working with an experienced branding partner who has a deep understanding of the legal industry helped ensure we were making the right decision with our brand.

Patty Sager, Chief Marketing Officer