A website for the future

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Positioning, Website

The lawyers of BakerHostetler are known for looking ahead — focusing on the issues and opportunities that affect clients as whole enterprises, now and in the future. In designing the firm’s new positioning strategy and website, we did the same. We met with key stakeholders and reviewed the firm’s strategic plan and competitor messages to create positioning that was authentic, distinct and impactful. The resulting positioning headline, “Achieve Enterprise Success,” encapsulates BakerHostetler’s top-down, holistic approach. With an eye on the future, we provided a Brand Message Guide showing how to bring the positioning to life in a range of communication assets.

Next, we applied the positioning to a new firm website. Its home page highlights key “enterprise issues” — like generative AI and digital assets — right from the start. Anticipating change, we created a design that will be easy to update as evolving issues replace older ones. The site’s abundant video, dynamic movement and modern imagery position BakerHostetler as forward-thinking, without veering into the trendy. Its clean, authoritative look will serve the firm well for years to come.

Thank you to everyone on the Right Hat team for your good work and all of your efforts in building the fantastic new website.”

Despina Kartson, Chief Marketing Officer