Are Superbowl Ads Worth It?

Every year, I host a Superbowl Party and analysis of the ads is almost as important as the game—that is unless the New Orleans Saints (my roots) or New England Patriots (my current home team) are playing. This year certainly tested my concentration skills as I tried to watch the game and serve up pounds of Jambalaya.

But as usual my guests enjoyed giving me very specific feedback on what ads worked for them. They loved the frantic chickens from Denny’s and thought the ads were never going to motivate them. What I found most interesting was how the 15-20 year-olds at the party visited the Web sites of several advertisers just  nanoseconds after the ad played on TV. So I wasn’t shocked to read that 75% of all Superbowl advertisers saw a  sharp spike in online chatter about their brands (according to research by Prophesee). Just one more tangible example of the integration between traditional advertising platforms and the Web. We’ve just scratched the surface on how best to build your brand virally.

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