Overlooked Essence of a Brand Rollout

Let’s face it—brand rollouts are exhausting. By the time you battle the various factions over everything from messaging to visual approach, energy can wane as you get closer to the finish line. Many brand components get pushed to a “phase 2” that seldom happens. 

What’s the cure? Document the brand journey for each audience—clients, prospects, service providers, recruits and media—at the very start of a rebrand. Identify every single touchpoint regardless of size. And assign champions that are responsible for entire “experiences,” not just single aspects. Empower the champions to challenge the status quo and reinvent the experience.  

A great example is to look at the experience that visitors have in your conference rooms. How welcoming are your conference rooms? How easy is it to connect to the Internet? Do you have to call for support? Do you have to turn yourself into a pretzel on the floor to plug in a laptop? Are there basic supplies like pens? Can the lighting in the room be easily controlled so presentations are not washed out? Does the conference phone sound clear? By standing back and focusing on the experience, not just on the branded items, you start to make meaningful changes. 

And a funny thing happens when the “champions” see their job as creating a better experience. They become more passionate. More creative. More thoughtful. After all, at the end of the day a brand is much more than the sum of the parts; it is how you feel about a company.

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