Technology as a Disrupter

At the College of Law Practice Management Futures conference, there were plenty of sessions that provided food for thought. But one of the most compelling was, “Technology as a Disrupter.” The session started with the usual examples of iPod/iTunes changing forever how we buy and listen to music. 

Or Amazon shifting, not only how we find a book, but for many rural customers how you buy your paper towels. Even a colleague next to me described how her very cute prescription glasses came from China. She uploaded a photo of herself, tried different pairs on her virtual image and then ordered them for a mere $10.00. She now has five pairs each entirely different.

After the introduction, there was a very compelling talk by a trial lawyer from Wachtell about how computers are more accurate than humans at massive document review. And how that has fundamentally changed how major trials are happening. This session has driven me to obsess on how our own business is impacted. And it makes me wonder why every corporate retreat or strategic planning meeting doesn’t devote a good chunk of the discussion to this topic. Perhaps it is simply because we are scared at the answer.

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