Elonide Speaks at LMASE in New Orleans

May 2014 — Elonide will be giving a talk to the Legal Marketing Association Southeastern Chapter in New Orleans on bravery in branding.

Join her Tuesday, May 6th from 12 - 1:30 PM in the French Quarter at 316 Chartres Street. 

BRAVERY IN BRANDING: How to Put Teeth in Your Messaging Without Getting Bitten

Most firms understand they are competing in a crowded marketplace. Yet many continue to send watered-down messaging that makes them blend in rather than stand out. Differentiation comes from having the guts to communicate your firm's authentic value, and to communicate it in a different way. Style is as important as substance. That is how you get noticed. And more importantly, how you get remembered. But just being brave isn't enough. There have been enough Twitter fiascos to prove that. You have to be smart, too. We'll discuss strategies for choosing the right risks to take so you get remembered for the right reasons.

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