Walking In Your Client’s Shoes

On Monday, I was in D.C. for a series of meetings and found myself headed toward K Street to visit a prospect but realized I only had a virtual address, not their physical location.

So I took out my trusty iPhone expecting to just check out the directions on their Web site. Boy was that a bad idea! Despite being a large company, they had not built a mobile version of their web site. The number of clicks and steps to try and get to the directions required me to find a park bench. (The lack of intuitive navigation did not help.)

So there are two morals to this story. One is that if you are company where people visit your offices frequently than at a minimum make address information easy to find on your regular web site. And if you are ready to build a mobile version remember you only need to focus on the most common areas people access on the fly—such as directions and phone numbers. But don’t forget to give visitors the option to navigate to the full site.

And yes we are the shoemaker’s kids without shoes and plan to get our mobile site done asap.

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